Goals, Objectives & Strategies

We are currently updating this page.  Please be patient while we continue to build our resources.  Thank you! 

VTAAC is comprised of over 200 members, many of us participating in workgroups, taskforces, committees, and other activities.  This page exists as a resource to guide our work and improve statewide collaboration.

Our Current Partnerships

Quality of Life Workgroup

Prevention & Detection Workgroup

NEW Lung Cancer Screening Taskforce

Colorectal Cancer Screening Taskforce

Joint Payer Taskforce

Skin Cancer Prevention/Detection Taskforce

Men’s Health Taskforce

PARTNER Tool Taskforce


Partnership Structure

A VTAAC workgroup is a partnership of members formed and tasked with developing strategies for at least one goal from the Vermont State Cancer PlanA workgroup would not exist on its own without VTAAC and is formed by the VTAAC Steering Committee.  Workgroups may organize taskforces to achieve specific goals/objectives.

A taskforce, on the other hand, is a group of members working on short term, specific goals from the Vermont Cancer Plan.  It can be a subgroup of  a workgroup or of the Steering Committee.

Lastly, VTAAC has several committees that help to carry out specific short- or long-term functions related to VTAAC infrastructure, advocacy, evaluation, promotion, membership, and resources.  Always in existence are the Executive and Steering Committees.  The Steering Committee is a small group of members who represent stakeholders in cancer prevention, treatment and advocacy; comprised of state government, non-profit organizations, academic research, healthcare providers, business and insurance providers, community groups and cancer survivors.  Co-Chairs are selected by the Steering Committee and facilitate Steering and Executive Committee meetings and represent VTAAC to media and affiliates.  The Executive Committee is comprised of the Co-Chairs, past C0-Chair, Comprehensive Cancer Control Coordinator from the Vermont Department of Health, and the VTAAC Coordinator.