Access to Care Taskforce publishes important article on treatment barriers for breast cancer patients in Vermont

We are excited to announce the publication of an article collaboratively written by members of the VTAAC, UVM, VDH, UVM Medical Center, and UVM Cancer Center community.  Released in August of 2016 in the Journal of Oncology Practice, the article investigates what can delay the time from diagnosis to first systemic treatment for women in Vermont with breast cancer.  Please take a moment to read about their research and findings here via PubMed.  Full access to the article can be obtained from the journal under the “full text links” option in the top right corner of the PubMed page.

Congratulations and thank you to all who contributed!

Johnson, A., Shulman, L., Kachajian, J., Sprague, B.L., Khan, F., James, T., Cranmer, D., Young, P., & Heimann, R. (2016).  Access to Care in Vermont: Factors Linked With Time to Chemotherapy for Women with Breast Cancer – A Retrospective Cohort Study.  Journal of Oncology Practice. doi: 10.1200/JOP.2016.013409


WHAT TO READ: Study finds that patients with long drive times experience delays in breast cancer treatment